About Loriana

Loriana Hernandez is an award-winning and trusted TV news personality with more than two decades of on-air experience. From live-breaking news and presidential elections to on-air debates and celebrity interviews, Loriana has covered it all and is a trusted source for news events that captivate our ever-changing world.

Loriana approaches every assignment with excellence, poise, clarity and personality. Chances are you’ve seen Loriana's work, found yourself riveted by her powerful and compelling storytelling or simply enjoyed her charismatic and refreshingly authentic on-camera personality. Others have been captivated by many of Loriana’s public speaking engagements where she urges others to ArmorUp and change their lives through health and wellness.

Whether you need a gifted speaker to inspire your C-level executives about the importance of vision and perseverance, or a fellow survivor to share stories of hope and a plan toward healing, Loriana is the voice you need most.

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