Thank You Merck!

April 16, 2021

Thank You Merck!

Thank you Merck for also putting patients first and staying true to being patient centric. The patient experience matters.  Access to care matters, diversity in clinical trials matters and affects patient outcomes.  We are grateful you see us.. hear us and are looking for ways to support us as a whole patient.

ArmorUp for LIFE is honored to also have a voice a your table too! 

What a privilege to lend my voice in so many ways including this video and make an impact for those affected by cancer and also have a moment to tell RESEARCHERS --their work matters.. every. single. day.

Merck released this today on it's social media channels:

Also, live on and social media platforms. 

I'm honored to use my voice, share my patient experience and the power of prehab, the voids, the trauma, the rise, fall, and navigating survivorship to help improve the patient experience.  

Thank you researchers... we need you. We are counting on you.

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