Blog Post #11

May 5, 2021

Blog Post #11

Let’s face it. Patients want more — Brochures alone aren’t cutting it for us.  

Honored would be an understatement— to know ArmorUp for LIFE has a seat (and a voice) at the table at Pfizer for a project to represent the voice of the patient, create patient centric content through video, help produce that very content and host it.  

Even better...the content I presented in a series of videos was on an abstract I co-authored on “Shared Decision Making” for cancer patients. My heart is full. 

My worlds have collided to bring my passion and experience as an on-air journalist and 2x survivor (who has had my share of suffering, discoveries and disparities in this journey) to keep it real. ...... Keep it honest ... and connect with patients in way we understand. It's time to include the patient voice at every stage of the clinical trial process. 

Here's a look at one of our series of videos:

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